Terrorbyte gta price

The Oppressor Mk II appears as an upgraded version of the Oppressoressentially replacing the wheels for the ability to hover, featuring wings that extend when in flight mode and prop stands to land.

The main body itself is the same as the Oppressor, featuring the same front fairing, seat and tail, while the lower side features a large turbine engine resembling that of a hover bike from the movie Looper and sharing some resemblances from the BMW hover bike concept.

Along with that are four vectoring nozzles, which, unlike those from the Hydratilt automatically when stationary or flying at full speed. It also retains the rocket booster mounted on the rear. The bike's primary color is applied to its bodywork, while the secondary color is applied in the form of dual stripes running along the vehicle, as well as part of the side panels.

The Oppressor Mk II has the ability to both hover above ground and fly, similar to the Deluxoas well as operate a large rocket boost reused from the original Oppressor. When attempting to exit the vehicle while it is in mid-air, the Oppressor will slowly descend to the ground before the character exits; the player cannot cancel this action. The rocket boost is relatively short and operates for less than a second. To replenish the boost, the player simply needs to let go of the accelerator; however, maintaining speed will slow down the recharge.

This can be done while hovering above ground or water or by stopping while in midair, but the player needs to be cautious when on the ground, as countermeasures do not function unless the player is in mid-air. The vehicle can be fitted with countermeasures to improve its defensive capabilities against homing missiles, each one with their own attributes:. The Oppressor Mk II features a set of weapons operated by the driver, which can be changed through customization:.

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Well, the Mk II takes off where its little brother landed - and it never comes down. This is about the closest you can get to throwing a saddle on a rocket engine, bolting on some optional heavy artillery, and pressing the big red button. Please note: This vehicle can only be modified at the Specialized Workshop inside a Terrorbyte. Contents [ show ]. Dashboard View.The Terrorbyte is a large command truck based on the Mercedes-Benz Zetros 6x6 Expedition Vehicleexcept that the turning lights were replaced by the main headlights and moved to the bumper, where the secondary lights are.

The Terrorbyte is similar to the Brickade featured in the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update, having a large module in the back and an access door in the passenger side. However, the box is fully enclosed and carries two spare tires in the rear end, as well as two camera devices in the roof and the rear end, between the spare tires. A large missile battery is fitted in the back, which is seemingly hidden within the rear module unless the corresponding station is purchased and a gunner operates it.

Oppressor Mk II

The missile battery bears strong resemblance to the M Multiple Launch Rocket Systemalso having 12 tubes in two six-pack launch pod containers. The rear module has an interior that is composed of a medium-sized command station, fitted with a touch screen, various electronic devices and other assets the player can purchase. There is a door at the front that leads to the cabin and there are side doors near the front and rear to exit from the truck.

If a vehicle workshop is installed, a small platform allows storage of the Oppressor Mk II. Another compartment door in the rear module would theoretically allow access and exit for the aforementioned vehicle, as well as a circular hatch on the roof apparently intended for the drones.

Like the Mobile Operations Center and the Avengera blue corona may appear in front of the module's door when stationary, and one can exit the vehicle or go into the cabin. The corona would move to the rear door if the aforementioned Oppressor Mk II is driven there. Paige Harris claims she built and designed the interior of the Terrorbyte herself, although it is unknown what the vehicle was used for before Paige converted it into a mobile nerve center.

When the player enters the rear module for the first time, a brief cutscene plays and Paige talks through some sort of communicator, briefing the player the functionality of the truck, as well as any purchased asset and interactive features. The Terrorbyte has similar performance to that of the Brickade, having decent speed and handling, but lower acceleration.

The suspension provides good capabilities to sort small obstacles and uneven terrain, but is not the best off-road due to the rear-wheel drive layout and its weight. Its high exhaust stack gives it the ability to drive through deep water without the risk of engine damage. The truck is equipped with a player scanner that is able to read players' general statistics, along with number of private dances and sex acts purchased. The scanners are actually the cameras on the roof and the rear of the vehicle.

These cameras are mainly used by the driver, although the front passenger can make use of these too. Both cameras have a motion range of degrees relative to the front or rear end.

The Terrorbyte is very resistant against bullets and explosives in general, as it takes up to thirty-four rockets without exploding with a thirty-fifth one to finally destroy it. Like most armored vehicles, the Terrorbyte comes with bullet-resistant windows, providing small protection against firearms, but one should be still careful, as armor-piercing rounds can pass through these easily and the windshield is pretty large, leaving the front occupants vulnerable.

The Terrorbyte comes equipped with a missile battery that can lock on five different targets at once, able to attack simultaneously on an order specified by the locking-on sequence. The missiles are not very maneuverable and can miss targets that are moving away from where the launcher is aiming. Also, like the Chernobogit has very limited capacity against land vehicles that are too close to the truck, despite capable of locking on targets from close ranges.

Something unique compared to other launchers is that it can also lock on players on foot, being a dangerous threat on mid to long ranges.

The weapon takes five seconds to reload, regardless of how many missiles it fired. However, firing an unguided rocket reduces this reload time to just 1. Care should be taken with the truck while the gunner is operating the launcher; if the truck is flipped to a side, the weapon is rendered unusable and the gunner must wait for the vehicle to turn back onto its normal position to access the remote camera view again.

The player cannot immediately relocate an existing Terrorbyte using the menu, they must return it to the nightclub and then re-call it to their current location. They can be accessed and triggered on the touchscreen tablet within the truck module, which is required to be utilised under a SecuroServ VIP contract, SecuroServ Organization or a registered Motorcycle Club.

If the Turret Station upgrade is installed, a Turret station provides access to the multi-lock missile battery, which offers defensive capabilities and can lock on five different targets at once.

The optional Drone station provides access for a surveillance drone in an area within the truck and will be deactivated when it is out of the signal radius and have a one-minute cooldown until another one can be deployed again. The optional Weapon Workshop gives the same functionality as the ones from the Mobile Operations Center and the Avenger. The Oppressor Mk II is the only vehicle that can be upgraded and stored in this area.

A wardrobe can be seen next to the touchscreen and used in the same manner as any property-owned wardrobe. Delivery will not be instantaneous like CEO and Biker deliveries.While it might not be the most exciting addition, the Terrorbyte truck is the most useful and important part of this new GTA Online update.

The Terrorbyte is similar to the previously added Mobile Operations Center, though less focused on death and destruction.

The current loop for businesses like gunrunning or smuggling, forces players to drive to a location, activate a mission, drive to that location, grab an item or car, then drive to another location to drop it off. To do more missions for that business players then have to drive back to the business HQ and start the process again.

If you want to switch businesses, like doing some drug smuggling instead of stealing cars, you have to drive to the other business location and start the new mission. The Terrorbyte streamlines all of this by consolidating all your businesses into a mobile location. But for players looking to grind faster, the Terrorbyte is worth the money. The Terrorbyte also has a fun feature that allows the driver or passenger to scan nearby players to find out about them, almost like Watch Dogs.

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If you do decide to spend some extra cash on a Terrorbyte, you can unlock the ability to mess around with another new toy added to GTA Online : a remotely operated drone. The new drone comes with two basic abilities. It can shock other players and NPCs, causing them to fall over and take damage. It can blow up, killing anyone near it. The drone is really fragile; at one point I broke my drone just by flying into my friend. Another time my drone was crushed by a car door while chasing an escaping friend.

If you destroy your drone, you have to wait 59 seconds before you can summon a new one. It also has a limited range before it stops working. The other big new vehicle added in this latest update is the Oppressor Mk. II, a flying jet bike that looks like it fell out of Star Trek. The new jet bike has already got a reputation online, where players have feared its arrival for weeks.

My first session had an Oppressor Mk II. The player got off and pointed at it and then danced. So I got on and flew around for a few minutes before the player kicked me off and shot off into the sky. My short time with the vehicle was a blast, and it certainly is dangerous. But it also felt hard to control, especially when boosting. In skilled hands, the Oppressor Mk. The After Hours update really feels like an update designed for longtime players who have reached the end game of GTA Online.

For players who have done all the heists and have all the businesses, the nightclubs and the Terrorbyte will be useful tools to make it easier to earn money. For lower ranked players and new players, the Oppressor Mk. Zack Zwiezen is a a writer living in Kansas City, Missouri. He has written for Gamecritics, Killscreen and Entertainment Fuse. Note: This piece was originally published under the wrong byline. How about fixing the steaming pile of shit that is trying to join custom games, or doing anything but quick play with as broad of parameters as possible, before you keep adding dumb shit like this.

The A. Filed to: gta online. Share This Story.The After Hours update brought in GTA Online 's most versatile vehicle yet: the Terrorbytean armour-plated truck that serves as a moving military base.

terrorbyte gta price

We'll show you what you need to buy it, and what it can offer after you do. Once you have the money, or if you just want to know what you're saving up for, open your phone and go on the internet to check the Warstock Cache and Carry store, where the Terrorbyte will be the first item shown.

Simula9on and performance evalua9on

You can buy it and have it sent to the right garage - but not any garage will do. The Terrorbyte is too big to be stored in a regular garage, but rather than a Bunker or a Hanger like you'd expect, the game demands first that you buy a Nightclub to store it in.

Any Nightclub will work, but the cheapest one is the Elysian Island club though it still costs over a million dollars. That being said, buying a nightclub will earn you the chance to do missions that'll earn you more money, so think of your club as more of an investment than an expense, at least if you play right. Fortunately, not all of these options are useful - some of them just change colours and visuals within the truck itself, rather than adding new abilities.

Unfortunately, those flashy decor options are a minority - even if you just buy the hardware, you're only knocking about a quarter of a million off the maximum price. Of course not, you lunatic. If you go back into Warstock Cache and Carry, clicking on the Terrorbyte only opens up the menu for buying hardware modifications for the one you already own.

Once you buy it, you can get to your newly-acquired death machine by going to your Nightclub, more specifically the blue garage icon marked on the map near it.

Once there, select the Terrorbyte Garage from the list, and you'll be transported to the room it's kept in. Once there, you have two options - either get into the cab and drive it to leave, like you would with any other garage vehicle, or approach the blue area on its side to go into the "Nerve Center," where everything except driving is done. We'll go over all the functions your vehicle is capable of and how to use them here, including the price for each optional piece of equipment that can be installed though the Warstock Website.

While in the Terrorbyte Garage under your Nightclub, get into the cab but don't drive it.

terrorbyte gta price

Instead, press right on the D-Pad. This will open up the customisation menu and allow you alter the cosmetics and performance of the vehicle. You can't alter it in Respray shops or anywhere else in the game. Keep in mind that nearly all these changes cost money; just because it's your garage doesn't mean it won't be expensive. Now that you've got this armoured mega-truck, why not check out some of our other guides? You can see what other vehicles were added to the After Hours update right hereor go here to see how you can take GTA Online by storm as a legendary gunrunner.

And if you want to find our full GTA 5 cheats page for the singleplayer, you can go right here.

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Super Smash Bros. Xbox Loves You. Yes, You, the Individual Reading This. Electronic Arts will reflect the recent ditching of Washington's old team name. How to Customize the Terrorbyte. Joel Franey Guides Writer Joel loves books, games, comics and drinks that make a person feel like they just got kicked in the head by a mule. You may also like Xbox Loves You. Newsletter Subscribe to our weekly newsletters Get the best of USG in your inbox by subscribing to our newsletters.This vehicle can be customized at the Nightclub Warehouse.

If malware had six wheels, heavy armor and comfy seats, this is what it would look like. It can launch source and resupply missions for every business you own, mine the data of every other reprobate in the city, launch exclusive Client Jobs, and that's before you get to the upgrades: a Multi-Lock Missile Battery, a drone station, a Mk II weapon workshop, and the only vehicle workshop in the world capable of customizing the Oppressor Mk II.

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Share Tweet Share. Compare to Vehicle Statistics Speed. Release Date August 14, Title Update 1. Notes Gives access to Client Jobs. Mobile Operations Center Trailer.

Terrorbyte Nerve Center 3. Terrorbyte Scanner. Terrorbyte Drone. Terrorbyte Nerve Center. Terrorbyte Nerve Center 1. Terrorbyte Nerve Center 2. Mammoth Avenger.If you don't know anything about the Terrorbyte of GTA Online don't worry, because we have prepared a Terrorbyte guide with everything you need to know.

In this Terrorbyte guide in GTA Onlinewe will discuss various aspects related to this vehicle, from what it is to how to customize it.

Personally we have already tried it and the truth is that it is incredible, both in design and in general capacities, so it is certainly worth having it. The first point in our Terrorbyte guide is that this is an armored truck that serves as a mobile military base and has been introduced as part of the After Hours update, the truck is a black trailer type with two spare tires on the rear, a rocket launcher installed in the back, command station and a lot of other things.

Naturally, if we talk about resistance, when it is shielded, it has to be very good and indeed it is. As for the speed it is also quite good making it an excellent option for GTA Online. More than recommendations, they are simply some things that you will need to have before purchase.

But before you can buy it, the game will require you to buy a Nightclub to store your vehicle the Elysian Island club is the cheapest. By buying the club you can access the missions of this which will allow you to earn more money. Do you already have the necessary money? Then open your phone and go to the Warstock Cache and Carry online store where you can buy this machine. Once purchased you can send it to the workshop, but it cannot be any workshop.

In case you want to buy another beast of these you will not be able to do it, the only thing you can buy when returning to Warstock Cache and Carry are modifications. Once purchased, to access your new vehicle you will have to go to the Nightclub that you had bought first, you can get here by following the blue icon of the garage marked on the map.

Select the Terrorbyte garage from the list and you will be transported to the room in which it is located. Already in front of you you can get into the cabin to drive or climb the "Nerve Center" the blue zone from where you can control other aspects.

To customize the Terrorbyte, you will have to go to the Nightclub and get into the taxi but do not drive it, just press right on the D-Pad to access the customization menu that will allow you to alter various aspects of the vehicle. Naturally, its main function is driving with an average speed of 75 MPH, although it can take time to reach this speed due to its enormous weight and you can only drive from the front cabin or going to the steel door in the Nervous Center. Another of its functions is the mockery, which will allow you to scan other players from the cockpit and learn several aspects about them.

The blue touch screen in the center of the Nerve Center will allow you to initiate several missions including other jobs, not to mention the new range of jobs for Paige customers that you can access with the truck. In your truck you can also access a closet in which you can store clothing, after all if you are going to live here you will have to have clothes. You can also use the Multi-Lock Missile Battery that will allow you to set up to 5 targets at the same time.

The trouble is that these missiles are a bit slow, and they strive to fix anything too close or low to the ground.

It has been perfect for us to detonate airplanes and helicopters in the air. The drone is equipped with a paralyzing gun and if it is destroyed you will have to wait a few minutes for another drone to replace it.


Theweapons workshop will allow you to upgrade the selected weapons to "Mk 2" variants and unlock new options while doing so. Thespecialized workshop will allow you to update and store the Oppressor MK 2 flying motorcycle.

And this is our guide of Terrorbyte in GTA Onlinewe hope that now that you know everything about this vehicle you can get the most out of it with the guide of Terrorbyte in the game, we also hope that you can have the necessary money to be able to make all the modifications and customizations for in this way squeeze all its potential.

We remind you that we have a lot of content about GTA Online and other titles that we recommend you review to keep you always up to date. Other Recent Articles.This vehicle can be customized at the Terrorbyte Workshop.

It's an upgraded version of the Oppressorcompletely replacing the wheels with the ability to hover and fly.

terrorbyte gta price

The Oppressor Mk I was a landmark in hybrid vehicle design. Well, the Mk II takes off where its little brother landed - and it never comes down. This is about the closest you can get to throwing a saddle on a rocket engine, bolting on some optional heavy artillery, and pressing the big red button.

GTA Online: How to Buy, Use and Customize the Terrorbyte

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Pegassi Oppressor Mk II. Share Tweet Share. Compare to Vehicle Statistics Speed. Release Date August 14, Title Update 1. Terrorbyte Nerve Center 3. Oppressor MKII. Pegassi Oppressor. Nagasaki Shotaro. Shitzu Hakuchou Drag Bike. Western Apocalypse Deathbike. Pegassi Vortex. Pegassi Bati

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