Average fuel consumption per km for cars

Some people swear by fuel efficiency as the main determining factor when buying a carand there are even some that will justify abysmal fuel figures for the sake of performance and vehicle dynamics. Warning, there is some math involved here. Nowadays, cars have on board computers to do most of the computations for you and display relevant and on-demand information. The next time you fill your tank to the top at a gas station, follow these steps:. For example, I fill up my tank to full, reset my trip meter, drive around for a day or two, and I decide to top up my tank again.

My trip meter reads kilometers at the gas station, and it takes 20 liters to fill up my tank again. So I divide by 20, which equals 7. Easy, right? Remember that fuel consumption numbers provided by manufacturers are simply for comparison purposes, and are usually done in strict testing environments and in perfect conditions.

Your driving style greatly sways these numbers in either direction, so the actual fuel consumption can vary from driver to driver, and even the conditions in which the vehicle was driven. In urban congestion, we tend to keep accelerating at high revs because of the stop and go frequent takeoffs situation.

A car travelling through congested traffic will tend to consume more fuel than one which is travelling at constant reasonable speeds.

On the highway, less stops and constant speed can help improve fuel consumption as we rack up the kilometers. Transmission with wider bands and more gears to choose from are also becoming the norm, keeping our vehicles in the most efficient and optimum rev range.

These all help to reduce fuel consumption and save a little bit more gas for those extra kilometers. The Honda Brio or the Toyota Wigo, find out how they matchup in our head to head segment.

Cars Motorcycles Trucks. Insurance Servicing. Pickup Truck. Station Wagon. Manual Computation. The next time you fill your tank to the top at a gas station, follow these steps: Fill your tank to the top Zero the trip counter When you next fill up, note the kilometers driven Fill the tank again and note the number of litres put in Divide the number of kilometers driven by the amount of fuel added in litres kilometers per liter For example, I fill up my tank to full, reset my trip meter, drive around for a day or two, and I decide to top up my tank again.

Liters per kilometers. General guidelines. Latest Features. Head to Head: Honda Brio Vs. Sedans vs. Nov 26, Family cars in the Philippines with the biggest trunks Nov 14, Jun 03,Fuel Consumption - mpg. Download and print scalable Fuel Consumption Chart!

U.S. Energy Information Administration - EIA - Independent Statistics and Analysis

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average fuel consumption per km for cars

Scientific Online Calculator. Make Shortcut to Home Screen?After all, we spend our hard-earned cash in fuel prices that go up sporadically.

Most modern cars are equipped with electronic fuel economy meter, usually embedded in the instrument clusters. You only need two things to compute for the fuel consumption: the distance from point A to point B kmand the amount of gasoline used L. We strongly recommend to measure the consumption of your daily route, just like what this author did. Here, learn the steps on how to calculate your actual fuel consumption without using your fuel economy meter. This way, you will have a starting point to your fuel economy testing.

This is to lessen discrepancies in measurement. Just let the terminal stop itself when it thinks that the tank is full. Once done filling up your vehicle with fuel, you can go ahead and reset the trip meter. Any modern car has this in its instrument cluster, and you can usually do it by hold-pressing a button or switch. Set fixed point A and point B. He did steps 1 and 2 here, while the rest were done at Caltex Balagtas in Bulacan point B — the gas station nearest his house.

Upon reaching point B, take note of the number your trip meter reads back to you. This is the total distance you traveled from point A to point B. For this author, he traveled a total of Fill your fuel tank again after taking note of the distance.

Again, tell the attendant to not manually fill the tank. Take note of the number shown at the fuel terminal. You now have the total distance traveled from point A to point B, and the amount of fuel used during the trip.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. The Honda Brio or the Toyota Wigo, find out how they matchup in our head to head segment.

average fuel consumption per km for cars

Cars Motorcycles Trucks. Insurance Servicing. Pickup Truck.From year:,, Consumption can be affected depending on the way the car is driven.

Click hear to read more about how to save fuel on your Daihatsu Cuore. If do you want to save gas and money. These tips will help you to drive more efficiently and maintaining your car. Follow our advices to improve the fuel economy of your car or truck. Whatever you drive, SUV, economic car, limousine, truck, can be small car, midsize car class, big car class, the tips it work for each one.

How much fuel consumed your car. I have a Dhaitsu Cuore model how much it fuel consumption should be. Can u tell me exact figure. I can tell you the real fuel consumption for your Dhaitsu Cuore made in but to be as precisely as possible I need to know the engine capcitatea and horsepower of your car.

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Download Data. Provides driving range and efficiency factors of on-road electric vehicles in the United States inbased on vehicle registration data Last update January An interactive map for comparing biomass feedstocks and biofuels by location.

View Image. Alternative fuel vehicle inventory reported by Clean Cities coalitions from to Last update January Trend of energy impact by fuels used in alternative fuel vehicles from to Last update January Trend of vehicle models capable of using various fuel types, Last update January Breakdown of vehicle registrations by fuel type Last update January Interactive map displays existing and planned alternative fueling stations, alternative fuel production facilities, light-duty vehicle densities, roads, and political boundaries.

Trend of buses powered by various fuels in the United States, Last update June Census Bureau, and the U. Last update June Comparison of fuel use per vehicle among vehicle types Last update February Comparison of miles traveled per vehicle among vehicle types Last update February Trend of fuel consumption at increasing road grades, for various vehicle types Last update August Comparison of fuel economy among vehicle types Last update February Comparison of per-passenger fuel economy for various modes of transportation.

Last update May To view more details, notes, and acronyms, please download the Excel spreadsheet. Source: Federal Highway Administration. Highway StatisticsTable VM Inform, Inc. American School Bus Council. National School Bus Fuel Data.June 4, References Approved. To create this article, 21 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewedtimes.

Learn more With the price of fuels going up all the time, more and more drivers are aware of how much fuel their car needs. While the exact fuel consumption of your car changes based on your circumstances city or highway, road conditions, tire pressure, etc. To calculate fuel consumption, start by writing down how many miles you have on your car and then filling up the gas tank.

Then, drive your car around until the gas tank is nearly empty. When the tank is almost empty, refill it and write down how many gallons of gas you needed and how many miles you've driven since the last time you filled up.

Finally, divide the number of miles you drove by the number of gallons you put in the tank to find how many miles per gallon your car gets. To learn how to find the average fuel consumption for your vehicle, scroll down! Did this summary help you? Yes No. Please help us continue to provide you with our trusted how-to guides and videos for free by whitelisting wikiHow on your ad blocker.

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average fuel consumption per km for cars

Related Articles. Article Summary. Co-authored by 21 contributors Community of editors, researchers, and specialists June 4, References Approved.

U.S. Energy Information Administration - EIA - Independent Statistics and Analysis

Method 1 of If you know the distance you drove and how many gallons fit in your tank, you can simply divide the miles by the gas to get your "miles per gallon," or mpg. You can perform the same calculation with kilometers and liters as well. The best time to record is right after you fill your car with gas.

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Reset the "trip odometer" after you fill up your tank. Newer cars have a trip odometer that you can set to zero at any time.The fuel economy of an automobile relates distance traveled by a vehicle and the amount of fuel consumed.

Consumption can be expressed in terms of volume of fuel to travel a distance, or the distance travelled per unit volume of fuel consumed.

Since fuel consumption of vehicles is a significant factor in air pollution, and since importation of motor fuel can be a large part of a nation's foreign trade, many countries impose requirements for fuel economy. Different methods are used to approximate the actual performance of the vehicle. The energy in fuel is required to overcome various losses wind resistance, tire drag, and others encountered while propelling the vehicle, and in providing power to vehicle systems such as ignition or air conditioning.

Various strategies can be employed to reduce losses at each of the conversions between the chemical energy in the fuel and the kinetic energy of the vehicle.

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Driver behavior can affect fuel economy; maneuvers such as sudden acceleration and heavy braking waste energy. Electric cars do not directly burn fuel, and so do not have fuel economy per se, but equivalence measures, such as miles per gallon gasoline equivalent have been created to attempt to compare them. While the thermal efficiency mechanical output to chemical energy in fuel of petroleum engines has increased since the beginning of the automotive erathis is not the only factor in fuel economy.

The design of automobile as a whole and usage pattern affects the fuel economy. Published fuel economy is subject to variation between jurisdiction due to variations in testing protocols. One of the first studies to determine fuel economy in the United States was the Mobil Economy Runwhich was an event that took place every year from except during World War II to It was designed to provide real fuel efficiency numbers during a coast to coast test on real roads and with regular traffic and weather conditions.

average fuel consumption per km for cars

In more recent studies, the average fuel economy for new passenger car in the United States improved from 17 mpg The average consumption across the fleet is not immediately affected by the new vehicle fuel economy: for example, Australia's car fleet average in was Fuel economy at steady speeds with selected vehicles was studied in Other vehicles tested had from 1.

Inthe U. S' vehicle-miles-traveled in[18] but such free-flowing roads typically provide more fuel-efficient travel than conventional roads. Identical vehicles can have varying fuel consumption figures listed depending upon the testing methods of the jurisdiction.

Lexus IS — petrol 2. Since the total force opposing the vehicle's motion at constant speed multiplied by the distance through which the vehicle travels represents the work that the vehicle's engine must perform, the study of fuel economy the amount of energy consumed per unit of distance traveled requires a detailed analysis of the forces that oppose a vehicle's motion.

Note: The amount of work generated by the vehicle's power source energy delivered by the engine would be exactly proportional to the amount of fuel energy consumed by the engine if the engine's efficiency is the same regardless of power output, but this is not necessarily the case due to the operating characteristics of the internal combustion engine.

For a vehicle whose source of power is a heat engine an engine that uses heat to perform useful workthe amount of fuel energy that a vehicle consumes per unit of distance level road depends upon:. Ideally, a car traveling at a constant velocity on level ground in a vacuum with frictionless wheels could travel at any speed without consuming any energy beyond what is needed to get the car up to speed.

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Less ideally, any vehicle must expend energy on overcoming road load forces, which consist of aerodynamic drag, tire rolling resistance, and inertial energy that is lost when the vehicle is decelerated by friction brakes. With ideal regenerative brakingthe inertial energy could be completely recovered, but there are few options for reducing aerodynamic drag or rolling resistance other than optimizing the vehicle's shape and the tire design. Road load energy, or the energy demanded at the wheels, can be calculated by evaluating the vehicle equation of motion over a specific driving cycle.

Overall, the sources of energy loss in moving a vehicle may be summarized as follows:. Fuel-efficiency decreases from electrical loads are most pronounced at lower speeds because most electrical loads are constant while engine load increases with speed. So at a lower speed a higher proportion of engine horsepower is used by electrical loads.

Hybrid cars see the greatest effect on fuel-efficiency from electrical loads because of this proportional effect. Many aftermarket consumer products exist that are purported to increase fuel economy; many of these claims have been discredited.

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In the United States, the Environmental Protection Agency maintains a list of devices that have been tested by independent laboratories and makes the test results available to the public. The mandatory publication of the fuel consumption by the manufacturer led some to use dubious practices to reach better values in the past.

If the test is on a test stand, the vehicle may detect open doors and adapt the engine control. Also when driven according to the test regime, the parameters may adapt automatically.

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